How Do You See The Quality Of Dog Food From The Bag?

- Jun 03, 2019-

How do you usually choose dog food, let me make a bold guess. Many people may just say that the pet shop is good, look at the price is not expensive to buy home, or package the dog head and a family of their own, to see if the price is not expensive to buy home. It may be more casual when you feed, and you can eat like a buffet. As long as the dog still wants to eat, unlimited offer. Anyway, the price is not expensive, can afford it! If you really raise a dog like this, then the dog is really a little pitiful. Dog food, as the most important food for dogs, is really worthy of careful selection and feeding by each owner, not wanting to let the dog eat a disease, eating a big fat man. Or thin into bamboo. It is recommended to learn to at least read the dog food packaging bag. Once you learn it, you will not be easily pitted.


US pet food is regulated by the FDA, AAFCO, and the states (referring to the Food and Drug Administration & Feed Management Officials Association). However, AAFCO provides only minimum standards, and in fact, manufacturers often use unregulated raw materials to be more efficient. Communicate with consumers to make a brand.

 AAFCO's official website stated that “it is not uncommon to label people to cater to human preferences”, that is, some manufacturers are more keen to cater to their preferences than to truly meet the needs of pets. Therefore, instead of watching the hype of advertising. It is better to know the ingredients and nutrition in person. After all, the ingredients of big dog food are not necessarily big.

Find "nutrition analysis", the percentage of protein, fat and fiber. It is an important indicator for measuring a dog's food, but considering the different water content of different dog foods. So you can only remove the water and then compare.

The moisture of different pet foods varies widely, ranging from 6-80%. Canned foods are of course more hydrated than dry foods, so it is necessary to strictly compare them. You must first remove the moisture from different foods.

First calculate the amount of dry food, use 100% minus the proportion of water. In the example of this article, water accounts for 10%, so dry food accounts for 100%-10%=90%. Then, 26% of the protein such as converted protein and fat was converted into 28% (calculation process: 26% ÷ 90% = 28%). In the example of this article, the difference between before and after conversion is not large, because water accounts for 10%. If there is more water, for example, 40%, then dry food accounts for 60%, then 26% after conversion is 43%. (Calculation process: 26% ÷ 60% = 43%).


 In short, in this case, 28% protein content is used for comparison. Of course, another food should be converted in the same way. Fat and fiber are also the same method of comparison.

 Note that the percentage is not everything, the protein content is 28%, but what about the source? It may come from chicken, chicken feet and other parts that are not good quality. This means you have to look at the ingredient list. The composition of pet foods is sorted by volume, and the ingredients usually written in the top 5 account for half of the total (the higher the content, the higher the content). Ideally, the top 5 must have meat, and there will be corn, wheat and other energy-enhancing grains. They also constitute the basic form of dog grain.

 Even AAFCO admits that "the economy has chosen the choice of raw materials." "Protein may not be a pure protein, and some amino acids may not be absorbed by pets."

Vendors may play word games, such as splitting a component into parts and writing it separately, which is visually richer. Or try to let you ignore the ingredients that dogs don't need. Human consumption grade, ie no animal by-products, without any additives. But some animal by-products are also good, such as the liver is a good source of amino acids.

If necessary, you can contact the manufacturer and ask for “animal by-products”. But it does not rule out the by-product of the manufacturer today. Tomorrow is the by-product, but your dog will definitely find it!

 Calculate the price/performance ratio. The density of different foods will change with the expansion. Different dog foods may use different weight units. Some use kg for some pounds, making the comparison more difficult. But you can convert it into one unit.

It is important to confirm whether the nutrition is up to standard, which will affect the health of the dog. If the dog food does not provide all the required nutrients, you can look for the following words on the package: “AAFCO certified, the product formula meets nutritional indicators”, “This product provides comprehensive and balanced nutrition”.

Please choose the dog food that is suitable for the dog's current life stage. This will also be written on the package, such as puppies/adult dogs. In addition, factors such as body type and variety may also be considered, but note that the conditions for satisfaction are too broad and suspicious.

Refer to the feeding guide, even if you are confident, know how to feed. But when you change a new brand, you still have to look at it and look carefully to ensure scientific feeding. but! Regardless of how sophisticated the manufacturer is, you still have to look at the needs and preferences of your dog.

 If you are not sure, talk to a veterinarian, especially about the growth of puppies or the growth of a bitch, and if necessary, visit a veterinarian on a regular basis.

Pay attention to calories while feeding. Different types of foods have different calories. Calories are especially important for developing, overweight or overweight dogs. Generally expressed as "how many kilocalories per kg"

Be alert to advertising, such as natural, organic, and high-quality words. These marketing vocabularies are not officially defined. Although we hope that all foods can be natural, in fact it may just be without additives, and the quality is the same, but it does not mean much.

 After all, the history of development is here. Foreign regulations are also strict, but the choice is always in your own hands~ Above, I hope to help you.