Fruit And Vegetable Aluminum Foil Packaging Bags Greatly Help Life

- Jul 17, 2019-

The aluminum foil packaging bag is already an indispensable living item in life, although it seems to be inconspicuous, but it is not necessary when it is necessary. The zipper bag not only contributes to the clothing industry, but also has unique accomplishments in fruits and vegetables.

I believe that you must have rarely heard of the vegetable zipper bag. As a kind of fruit and vegetable packaging bag, it has a lot of venting holes, which can effectively guarantee the ventilation of fruits and vegetables.


The use of fruit and vegetable aluminum foil bags can effectively control the growth of a variety of spoilage bacteria and prevent the decay of fruits and vegetables. It also has anti-fog function, which can prevent moisture from condensing in the fresh-keeping bag, avoid contact between the fruits and vegetables and the bag wall of the fresh-keeping bag, thus preventing the occurrence of rot. .

When using the fruit and vegetable aluminum foil packaging bag, avoid drying the water on the surface of fresh fruits and vegetables, put it into a high-efficiency fresh-keeping bag, drain the air in the bag as much as possible, tie it with a cable, put it into a cold storage or other cold storage facility, and pre-cool it. Sterilize the air environment.

Fruit and vegetable aluminum foil bags bring healthier and more convenient services to human life. I hope the above content will help everyone.