Frozen Food Vacuum Packaging Bags

- Feb 18, 2020-

Frozen food vacuum packaging bags are widely used, such as: walnut kernel, beef, mutton, dumplings, dumplings and so on. We can find them everywhere in supermarkets. In life, more and more frozen foods choose vacuum packaging bags, the main purpose is to maintain quality and freshness.

I. Frozen food vacuum packaging bags have relatively good impact resistance. After frozen foods are vacuum packed, they need to be transported, loaded and unloaded, and placed on shelves. In these processes, frozen food vacuum packaging bags are vulnerable to external forces. If the impact resistance of the frozen food vacuum packaging bag is poor, it is easy to break and open the bag, which not only affects the appearance of the packaging product, but also cannot play the role of the packaging itself.


Second, the smoothness is good, the frozen food vacuum packaging bag itself is not smooth, and the production process is characterized by poor opening and low production efficiency. At the same time, it will also reduce the use of vacuum packaging bags and cause costs. waste. The main frozen foods on the market are divided into four categories: 1. Aquatic frozen foods; 2. Fruit and vegetable frozen foods, such as bamboo shoots, edamame; etc .; 3. Animal-made frozen foods, such as pork and chicken; 4. Conditioned frozen foods, such as Pasta dumplings, dumplings, buns, hot pot fish dumplings, fish balls, tribute balls, deep-fried chicken noodles, squid steak, and dishes.

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