Food Packaging Design Points

- Feb 15, 2019-

A good packaging bag is a symbol of a product. Just like the clothes that people wear, in the process of designing food packaging bags, many times the resulting food packaging bags are not neat due to small negligence, such as cutting to The pattern or the text, or the connection is not good, the color is different in some cases due to some design errors. When confirming the design of the food packaging bag, we should pay attention to a few small knowledge to help you customize the food packaging bag.

The first point: the pattern on the design surface of the food packaging bag, the size of the cutting edge must be 1cm, so as not to be cut when cutting. The text must be turned to a curve or a frame. Do not use system words for text. If used, there will be white nodes at the intersection of strokes. After the text is converted into a curve, please pay attention to whether there is a staggering phenomenon between the words or between the lines. Do not use overprint color to fill in black text.


The second point: the design color of the food packaging bag can not be required by the color printed on the screen or the printer. The customer must make the coloring by referring to the percentage of the CMYK chromatogram. At the same time, note that the CMYK chromatogram produced by different manufacturers will be affected by factors such as the material used, the type of ink, and the printing pressure.

The third point: the design of the uniform food packaging bag, the color will be different in different times of printing, the color difference is normal within 10% (because the ink quantity control will be different each time), the large machine printing, take care of this, If there is an old file to be printed, in order to avoid excessive color difference, we can only refer to the digital color samples produced by the company. The color difference between different printed products shall not be used as a reason for return.

The fourth point: the design of the food packaging bag does not need to draw crosshairs and cutting lines, can use 2 invisible wireframes to make the size and bleeding line 92mm × 56mm, after cutting is 90mm × 54mm (that is, each side of the four sides retained 1mm Bleeding). If you need special size, please specify it in the order and in the uploaded document.

The fifth point: the food package design shading or basemap color color value should not be less than 10%, to avoid the rendering of the finished product can not be presented.

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