Food Packaging Bag Safety

- Feb 18, 2019-

Nowadays, the industrial development of food packaging bags has made rapid progress, new materials and new processes have emerged in large numbers, and food packaging bags are dazzling, but the packaging industry also has problems of safety that cannot be ignored in raw materials, accessories and processes.

Food packaging As the final process of food production, how the quality of food packaging is directly related to food quality and safety and consumer health. So, how do food packaging bags guarantee the safety and quality of food?


Food companies must first find out what materials they need for their food packaging bags; then they will find a formal packaging company for custom processing. Due to the lack of professional knowledge of packaging materials and the pursuit of low prices, some food enterprise personnel occasionally appear to be fooled, resulting in a group of inferior packaging bags, which will also affect the sales of products.

Second, food packaging bags must meet food safety and quality requirements.

1. Food enterprises should require packaging bags manufacturers to use packaging films that meet national standards.

2. The food packaging bag should be flat. No scratches, heat seals, no bubbles, wrinkles, no voids.

3. Green materials should be used for printing.

4. The production environment of the packaging enterprise that produces the food bag should reach the standard to avoid contamination of the food bag during the bag making process.

Finally, it is necessary to tailor the food packaging for food companies. Packaging bag manufacturers should choose appropriate packaging materials and processing techniques according to the packaging needs of food enterprises to avoid unnecessary costs.


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