Food Packaging Bag Printing Details

- Jun 14, 2019-

The packaging bag is divided into three sides, three-side sealing bag, eight-side sealing, etc., according to the bag, according to the industry, there are food packaging bags, electronic packaging bags, agricultural product packaging bags and the like. Today we will introduce the food packaging bag. A beautiful and beautiful print can increase the enjoyment of food packaging bags, but do you know what to pay attention to when printing food packaging bags? Here's a secret for you:


First, the food packaging bag printing should be properly adjusted to the roller pressure, the packaging bag printing will be slightly inadvertently rolled rubber; if the ink is too heavy, the solid bottom is too easy to stick rubber or sticky roller. Therefore, the pressure of the drum should be reduced before printing, and the lining in the rubber should be reduced. In order to avoid sticking rubber and rolling rubber, add more additives or adhesives to the ink, and at the same time, be optimistic, avoid double sheets, multiple sheets and paper skew, to ensure uniform pressure without rolling rubber.


Second, food packaging bag printing is the same as other printed products, the rules need to be accurate, otherwise it will affect its quality. In the printing, the height of the front gauge and the height of the side gauge paperboard should be adjusted according to the thickness of the paper. At the same time, the pressure of the platen roller and the brush wheel on the paperboard should be adjusted, and the paper feeding cloth should be loosened. When the switch is found to be in a bad condition, it is necessary to check the paper feed situation and the pressure of the paper roller and the platen roller in time; for thick paper, the pressure of the platen roller and the brush roller should be heavier. And check the paper time and pull time, as well as the intersection time of the side gauge and the teeth, find the problem in time, until the up and down and left and right rules are accurate and error-free.

Third, the ink color has a direct impact on the quality of the printed product. The packaging plays an important role in protecting and decorating the goods. The quality of the packaging and printing will directly affect people's aesthetics and consumption. Therefore, when printing packaging, it must meet the quality standards. To complete a beautiful and beautiful product, we need to carefully complete every step of the printing process, so that we can have considerable profit and quality.

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