Eight-side Sealing Process

- Mar 08, 2019-

1. Into the film for printing, the octagonal sealing process is in the process of printing ink, the ink will condense, the ink is condensed, and a squeegee is set in the ink printing and film printing. The squeegee is rolled on the plate. The place scrapes off the ink so that the recessed plate rolls can be printed. If the scraper is dusty, strips of ink contamination can occur. The phenomenon of dot-like ink contamination is caused by dot-like ink contamination caused by ink splashing onto the packaging film during rolling printing.


2. After the film is printed, the compounding is started. For the film produced, the dry-wet compounding method is generally adopted, that is, the color-printed film is coated with glue, and then baked into a baking for 2 minutes and then compounded with PE, and the composite tension is applied. It is 5.6kg. The octagonal bagging bag used by our company is a two-layer composite.


3. Curing: The film after curing the glue is cured. The curing effect is mainly to firmly adhere the glue, and the curing is generally cured at 50 ° C for 24 hours. In fact, the composite film is stored in a 50 ° C environment for 24 hours. If the time and temperature are not satisfactory, the film composite will not be tight.


4. After curing the film, the product is inspected. The inspection product is to input the printed matter of the standard sample into the computer, and then pass the cured film through a white screen controlled by the computer, and the defective product will directly paste a black film on the film. symbols of.


5. The film after inspection is cut.


6. The film after slitting is bagged. The bag is automatically bagged by a machine directly, and the edge is sealed and bagged in the process of bag making.