Details Of The Mask Bag Production Should Pay Attention To

- May 04, 2019-

 In the past two years, the business has developed rapidly, and the packaging market is changing with each passing day. The development of the mask packaging bag market is all the way to the top, and the huge packaging demand has been formed. Under the common promotion of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, soft-pack companies gradually ranked the mask category as the focus.


The mask market is a very large cake. Because people are demanding higher quality of life, this cake is getting bigger and bigger. For soft pack companies, the future is full of unlimited opportunities and challenges. In the face of a good market, soft-package enterprises need to continuously improve their production levels and improve product quality in order to occupy important territory in the market. Today, Xiaobian and everyone share the key points of the production process of mask bags.


First, the characteristics and structure of the mask bag

Nowadays, high-end film has become a trend. In addition to excellent performance and texture, aluminum foil bags also require a long shelf life. Most masks have a shelf life of more than 12 months, and some even 36 months. With such a long shelf life, the most basic requirements for packaging are: sealing, high barrier properties, and oxygen resistance.

In view of the consumption characteristics of the mask itself and the requirements of its own shelf life, the material structure and requirements of the mask packaging bag are basically determined.

At present, the main structures of most masks are: PET/AL/PE, PET/AL/PET/PE, PET/VMPET/PE, BOPP/VMPET/PE, BOPP/AL/PE, MAT-OPP/VMPET/PE, MAT-OPP /AL/PE, etc.

From the main material structure, aluminized film and pure aluminum film are basically used in the packaging structure.


Compared with aluminum plating, pure aluminum has a good metal texture, silver white, anti-gloss properties; aluminum metal characteristics are soft, can be customized according to the requirements of different composite materials and thickness products, in line with the pursuit of high-end products for heavy texture, let high end film Get a more intuitive representation from the packaging.

Because of this, the mask packaging bag from the initial basic functional requirements, to the high-end demand for the performance and texture of the simultaneous rise, led to the transformation of the mask bag from aluminum-plated bags to pure aluminum bags.

Compared with the fancy decorative effect of the surface, the storage and protection functions of the packaging bag are actually more important. But in fact, many people have turned their backs on this and ignored this.


From the analysis of the raw materials themselves, the general mask packaging bags are mainly divided into two types: aluminum-plated bags and pure aluminum bags. The aluminum-plated bag is uniformly coated with a high-purity metal aluminum on a plastic film under a high-temperature vacuum state. The pure aluminum bag is compounded with aluminum foil and plastic film of the downstream product of the aluminum industrial chain, which can improve the barrier properties, sealing property, fragrance retention and shielding properties of the plastic. That is to say, the pure aluminum mask bag is more suitable for the market requirements of the following film packaging bags.

Second, the production control points of mask packaging bags

1, printing

From the current market requirements and consumers' perspectives, the mask is basically regarded as a mid-to-high-end product, and it is a product that increases the value of the face. The most basic decoration requirements are the same as the general food and daily packaging requirements. Not the same, we must grasp the expectations of consumer psychology. For printing, for example, in PET printing, the overprinting accuracy and hue requirements of printing are also higher than other packaging requirements. If the national standard is the main overprinting accuracy of 0.2mm, then the secondary position of the mask packaging printing needs to meet this printing standard in order to better meet the requirements of customers and the needs of consumers.

In terms of color difference, the customers of mask packaging are stricter and more refined than the average food company.

Therefore, in the printing process, for the overprinting and hue, companies that produce mask packaging should pay special attention to control. Of course, there are also higher requirements for printed substrates to meet the high standards of printing.

2, compound

There are three major aspects of composite control: composite wrinkling, composite solvent residue, composite pitting and bubble anomalies. These three aspects are the key factors affecting the yield of mask bags.

◇ composite wrinkle

As can be seen from the above structure, the mask packaging bag mainly involves the compounding of pure aluminum. Pure aluminum is calendered from a pure metal into a very thin film-like sheet. The thickness of the basic aluminum is between 6.5 and 7 μm, and of course it is thicker.

The pure aluminum film is very easy to produce wrinkles or breaks during the compounding process, especially for the automatic picking machine. When the material is picked up, it is easy to be uneven due to the irregularity of the automatic bonding of the paper core. Allow the aluminum film to wrinkle directly after compounding, or even wrinkle.

For the wrinkle, on the one hand, we can recover from the subsequent remedy and reduce the loss caused by the wrinkle. When the composite glue is stable to a certain state, it is a way to re-roll it, but this is only a way to reduce it; on the other hand, it can be rooted. Reduce, such as using a larger paper core, to make the winding effect more ideal.

◇ Compound solvent residue

Since the mask package basically contains aluminized or pure aluminum, the presence of aluminized or pure aluminum for the composite is disadvantageous for the volatilization of the solvent because the barrier properties of the two are stronger than other general materials, so It is not good for volatilization of solvents.

In GB/T10004-2008 "Packaging plastic composite film, bag dry composite extrusion composite" standard clearly stated: This standard does not apply to plastic film and plastic film and bag made of composite paper or aluminum foil. However, mask packaging companies and most companies are currently subject to the national standard. For aluminum foil bags, this standard is also required, thus creating some misleading. Of course, the national standard has no clear requirements. But we still have to control the solvent residue in the actual production, after all, this is a very critical control point.

As far as experience is concerned, it is feasible to make effective improvements in terms of glue selection and production speed, as well as oven temperature and equipment exhaust volume. Of course, this aspect requires analysis and improvement on specific equipment and specific environments.

◇ Compound pitting, bubbles

This problem is also very much related to pure aluminum, especially when the structure of composite PET/AL is more easily presented. The composite surface will accumulate a lot of "crystal point" phenomenon, or a "bubble" dot phenomenon. There are several main reasons for this:

In terms of the substrate: the surface treatment of the substrate is not good, and pitting and bubbles are prone to occur; the excessively large crystal point of the substrate PE is also an important reason, as well as the leveling of the glue and the coarser particles of the ink. A similar problem arises.

Machine operation: solvent evaporation is not enough, compound pressure is not enough, squeezing wire roller clogging, foreign matter, etc. will also produce similar phenomena.


3, making bags

The control points of the finished product process mainly depend on the flatness of the bag and the strength and appearance of the edge banding.

In the finished bag making process, the flatness and appearance are relatively difficult to grasp. Because the final technical level is determined by the operation of the machine, the equipment and the operating habits of the employees, the bag is very easy to scratch in the finished product process, and there are abnormalities such as large and small edges.

For demanding mask bags, these are definitely not allowed. In response to this problem, we may wish to manage the machine from the most basic 5S aspect to control the phenomenon of scratching.

As the most basic workshop environment management, the machine is clean and tidy, ensuring that no foreign objects appear on the machine, ensuring normal and smooth work. This is a basic production guarantee, which is specific to the most basic and specific operation aspects of the machine. To form good habits.

In terms of appearance, there are generally requirements for the requirements of edge sealing and the strength of edge sealing. The application of the grain needs to be finer, and the flattening knife is used to seal the edge. In this process, it is also a big test for the operators of the machine.

4, the choice of substrate and auxiliary materials

The PE used in the mask needs to select functional PE materials that are resistant to dirt, liquid and acid. In terms of consumer habits, PE materials also need to be easily torn, and for the appearance requirements of PE itself, crystal points It is its key production control point, otherwise there will be many anomalies in our compounding process.

The liquid of the mask basically contains a certain proportion of alcohol or alcohol, so the glue we choose needs to use medium-resistant glue.

Third, the conclusion

In general, mask packaging bags need to pay attention to many details in the production process, because the requirements are different from ordinary packaging, and the loss rate of soft-package enterprises tends to be relatively high. Therefore, each of our operations must be very detailed and continuously improve the yield. Only in this way can mask packaging enterprises seize the opportunities in the market competition and be in an invincible position.

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