Correct Use Of Food Aluminum Foil Packaging Method

- Jan 30, 2019-

1. In daily life, it should be avoided to heat in the microwave oven. It is necessary to use the food aluminum foil packaging bag in the microwave oven to heat it, so as to avoid damage to the food.

2, to avoid the use of high-temperature food for a long time in the correct use of food aluminum foil packaging method, the direct import of hot food, after the temperature exceeds 50 ° C, will release toxic gases, long-term consumption of high-temperature foods, will cause Dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other discomforts, and even lead to lead poisoning, increase the probability of cancer and other hazards.

3, because ordinary does not have good ventilation and preservation performance, so in ordinary life, do not apply ordinary food aluminum foil packaging bags stored in the refrigerator, ordinary plastic bags use a little longer will make the food quickly deteriorate, rot, up to To the purpose of preservation