Control Of Mask Packaging Production

- Nov 19, 2018-

Mask products have become "quick-fast products", more and more consumers are willing to pay for their convenience, speed and beauty, and channel stores and other channels are also focused on the mask category under the joint promotion of the upstream and downstream of the industry chain. .

   First, the characteristics and structure of the mask bag

Nowadays, the high-end film has become a trend. In addition to the excellent 12-month performance and texture, the foil packaging bag has a shelf life. The shelf life of most masks will be exceeded, and some even 36 months. With such a long shelf life, the most basic requirements for packaging are: tightness and high barrier properties.

In view of the consumption characteristics of the mask itself and the requirements of its own shelf life, the material structure and requirements of the mask packaging bag are basically determined.

   Second, the bag

At the control point of the finished product process, it mainly depends on the flatness of the bag and the strength and appearance of the edge banding.

  Third, the choice of substrate and auxiliary materials

 The PE used in the mask needs to select functional PE materials that are resistant to dirt, liquid and acid. In terms of consumer habits, PE materials also need to be easily torn, and for the appearance requirements of PE itself, crystal The point is its key production control point, otherwise there will be many exceptions in our compounding process.