Composite Packaging Film Bubble Problem Solving

- Feb 22, 2019-

The packaging bag industry continues to develop, and all kinds of industries need to use the packaging bags. In order to save costs, some merchants like to directly purchase the packaging film, and then use the film winding machine to pack or make the bags themselves. Let us introduce the appearance of the packaging film. Bad problems and solutions

Composite film has poor appearance and bubbles


1, poor film wetting

2. The surface of the ink is uneven and blistering;

3. The amount of glue applied on the surface of the ink is small;

4. The additive (lubricant, antistatic agent) in the film is infiltrated by the glue;

5, the temperature is low in winter, the binder transfers to the film and ink, and the wet adhesion is not good;

6, the drying temperature is too high, the foaming of the glue or the skin of the epidermis, the inside does not dry;

7. Entrained air between the composite roll film.



1. The concentration and coating amount of the progressive glue, (MST, KPT) surface is not easy to be wet, easy to produce angry gas, especially in winter. The bubbles on the ink are removed by the amount of the progressive glue;

2. Improve the composite temperature and composite pressure of the composite membrane;

3. Increase the pressing time of the composite roller and use the smooth roller, the film to preheat enough, reduce the compounding speed, select the glue with good moisture and accurately select the ink;

4. Select the glue with high molecular weight and rapid solidification, improve the glue concentration, and make the oven temperature fully dry the glue;

5. The control site maintains a certain temperature;

6. Adjust the drying temperature of the glue;

7. Improve the temperature of the composite roll and reduce the compound angle (thin film thickness, easy to produce gas anger bubble when hard).

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