Choosing The Bag And Using The Bag

- Jan 08, 2019-

In daily life, we buy the goods and go back and find that the outer packaging has no easy-to-tear settings. There are no scissors around, and the bags are usually torn open by hand or even bitten with teeth. This is extremely inconvenient for us to use the goods. Some of the inks printed on the bags contain substances harmful to the human body (organic solvents, heavy metal elements). These harmful substances can cause great harm to human health, and bite open with teeth. The bag is easy to touch the ink on the bag.


The packaging bag is used all the time in the production of life, which brings us great convenience, but the selection and use of the packaging bag should be paid attention to. The essence of the packaging bag is to better protect the product from reaching the hands of the consumers. At the same time, it has certain marketing power and propaganda role. On this basis, there are requirements for the convenience of merchants to organize and use by customers. With the green, low-carbon and environmentally friendly lifestyle, it is even more demanding that the bags are not harmful to the health of consumers and the natural environment.


Food packaging bags are closely related to quality and safety. Food packaging bags have certain inspection and hygiene standards. The quality of food packaging bags is assessed by appearance, specifications, physical and mechanical properties, evaporation residue, and heavy metals.

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