Choice Of Water Bag

- Oct 17, 2018-

1 non-toxic tasteless material: water bag is used for drinking water, so people must be the safety of water bags, non-toxic put in the first place. Most products will use non-toxic, tasteless materials, but some of the inferior products long-term water will have a strong plastic flavor.

It's better not to think about such products. 

2 Water bag pressure resistance: People often need to pack bags of backpack stacked up for transport, even sometimes the backpack as a chair, cushion, and even bed. With a non-stress-resistant product, the results will be very scary.

Will enjoy a wet trip: A personal point of view, water bag at least in the full water under the conditions of a person's weight, of course, the famous water bag manufacturer of the standard than the majority of the product. 

3 Choice of nozzle: water-bag nozzle is very important. Must be convenient to open and close, one-hand operation or tooth opening. It is also necessary to ensure the pressure resistance when the nozzle is closed.

Once saw a friend of a depressed water bag, water mouth closed quite poor, so that every time you transport to the water pipe up, or the backpack stack after the water will be all streamer from the mouth. 4 Inlet: It is obvious that the larger the openings, the easier it is to fill the water, of course, the larger the corresponding openings, the less the seal and compressive resistance. Most of the existing water nozzles are used similar to the oil drum lid of the same tightening mouth, and a few water bags using snap-button water bag mouth, this opening resistance overwhelming is unexpected.

Of course, a rolled-up opening like Hydrapak, and a product that can resist the pressure of a car, has never been seen.

5 Water bag hanging ring: Many backpacks have a water bag warehouse, but it is recommended that if possible to hang up water bags, first of all, to avoid water bags in the bag to move back and forth, increase unnecessary physical exertion, the transfer of the center will also slightly affect the feeling of bear. 6 Water bag Insulation: a usually water bag, can adapt to spring and summer fall three seasons, winter is more troublesome, the water pipe will freeze, which can be very depressed.

Many water bag manufacturers have insulated water bags and water bags to provide, in fact, this kind of things DIY is also feasible and inexpensive.