Characteristics And Functions Of Anti-static Aluminum Foil Bag

- Feb 28, 2019-

Speaking of anti-static aluminum foil bags, perhaps everyone does not understand, what is anti-static? Why is a bag also anti-static, what are the benefits? The following is a detailed explanation of the characteristics and functions of the anti-static aluminum foil bag:

The antistatic aluminum foil bag electrostatic voltage is the difference between the electrostatic potential at a certain point on the surface of the charged body and the potential of a specified reference point (usually "ground"). Since the ground potential is usually taken to be zero, the electrostatic potential value on the surface of the charged body represents the voltage level there. Since the potential is a physical quantity proportional to the charge, the level of the potential reflects the degree of charge of the object, and the potential (voltage) can be used to understand the amount of charge. Moreover, since the electrostatic voltage test is easier to test than other electrostatic parameters.

Antistatic aluminum foil bag static test has its own characteristics compared with general high or weak electricity test. Only by grasping these characteristics, can we choose a suitable test instrument, and develop appropriate test methods and procedures to obtain more accurate results. .

Antistatic aluminum foil bag static test has the following characteristics:


1. The electrostatic test instrument must have a small input capacitance and a very high input resistance.

2. Electrostatic test results are often related to test conditions such as test methods and test voltages.

3. Electrostatic testing is significantly affected by various environmental conditions.

4. The electrostatic discharge sensitivity test requires stricter control of the output waveform of the simulator used.

The purpose of electrostatic testing of anti-static aluminum foil bags can be summarized as follows:

1. Provide basis for designing and improving the antistatic performance of the product;

2. Under actual operating conditions, determine whether the human body, equipment, tooling equipment, etc. may become sources of electrostatic discharge hazards;

3. Detect the antistatic performance and quality of static protection equipment;

4. Perform simulation tests after the occurrence of electrostatic discharge hazards, analyze the cause of the accident, and provide a basis for taking targeted measures;

5. Evaluate the design and manufacturing quality of static sensitive electronic products.


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