Brief Introduction Of Several Kinds Of Packaging Bags Such As Food Packaging Bags, Garment Packaging Bags And Cosmetics

- Sep 30, 2019-

When many companies upgrade their product packaging, they want to know whether some of the production processes and materials of plastic packaging bags can meet their own needs, so as to find the purpose of not only satisfying the packaging products, but also shaping the corporate brand. Today, the professional flexible packaging manufacturer Shun Xingyuan packaging combines rich industry experience to sort out the briefing information of several packaging bags. I hope to help you, you need to know more about it, you can leave a message or a private message.


First, high temperature cooking bag

The vacuum bag is used for packaging various meat cooked foods, which is convenient to use and hygienic.


Features: moisture, temperature, shading, fragrance, toughness

Application: high temperature sterilization food, ham, curry, grilled clams, grilled fish and meat marinade.


Second, boiled bags

Typical structure: PET/PE BOPA/PE PET/AL/PE

Product Features:

Can withstand temperatures up to 106 °C temperature sterilization, no delamination, no leakage;

High heat sealing strength, good puncture resistance and high impact strength;

Has good printability and beautiful printing;

Good oil resistance.


Third, clothing packaging bags, cosmetic packaging bags

Clothing bag

Hook bag

1, stand-up pouch

It is a bag that is not easily deformed and can be placed upright.

Self-supporting bag scope:

Daily chemical (washing liquid, softener, various supplementary bags)

Pet food (dog food, cat food, etc.)

Food (expanded food, rice, dried fruit, chestnut bags, etc.)

Health products (tea, powder granules)

Clothing and apparel (high-end underwear, etc.)

Stand-up pouch product features:

Good standing

Good pressure and leakage resistance

Strong impact resistance

The main stand material is:








Other special material structure stand-up pouch products

2, aluminum foil bag

Usually refers to aluminum-plastic composite packaging bags, such products are suitable for clothing, cosmetics, large-scale precision machinery and equipment, chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, moisture, light, vacuum packaging. It adopts four-layer structure and has good water-proof and oxygen-blocking functions. Unrestricted, you can customize the bags of different specifications and styles, which can be made into flat pockets, three-dimensional bags, organ bags and other styles. Products need to be tested by GB and ASTM standards, products meet environmental requirements (a third-party test report is available), and the products meet the most stringent environmental standards for packaging materials in the EU and North America.

Use of high pressure polyethylene plastic bags:

A. Food packaging: cakes, sweets, roasted seeds and nuts, biscuits, milk powder, salt, tea, etc.;

B. Fiber packaging: shirts, garments, needle cotton, chemical fiber products;

C. Daily chemical packaging.

Use of low pressure polyethylene plastic bags:

A. Garbage bags, strain bags;

B. Convenient bags, shopping bags, handbags, vest bags;

C. Fresh-keeping bag;

D. Woven bag inner bag

Use of polypropylene plastic bags:

Mainly used for packaging textiles, needle cotton, clothing, shirts, etc.

Use of PVC plastic bags:

A. gift bag;

B. luggage bags, needle cotton packaging bags, cosmetic packaging bags;

C. (zipper type) file bag, information bag.

Cosmetic bag

Zipper bag