Branded Product Packaging Should Be Designed Like This

- Sep 19, 2019-

After a product brand has done a rigorous market research, brand positioning, product development, what kind of packaging image should be presented to the public?


As one of the brand's contacts with the market and its important brand contact points, packaging design is a very important part in the overall brand building. Even many product packagings bear the first brand contact in the process of connecting the brand with the consumer. The role of the point. Therefore, it is especially important to design a product package that is suitable for the brand itself.



[1] The role of product packaging in the brand?



Let's first take a look at what product packaging has for brands.


1. Identification

Your customer is 5 feet away from the shelf, your product and other peer products are lying on the shelf, how to let customers decide to go to your product in the shortest time, that is really cool. This is the identification of the packaging, allowing your product to maintain a high degree of recognition difference and attractiveness in the dazzling class, and attract customers' attention in the first place.


Recognition is the fundamental function of product packaging. The most intuitive ability is to attract attention and make the product brand different. From then on, let customers know you and remember you.


2. Experience

Packaging can not be eaten, can not drink, but the brand will still carefully plan and design product packaging, not only to make the consumer feel that the packaging is good-looking, but also let the public feel that the packaging is fun, willing to seriously appreciate the packaging, and even willing to collect packaging. This is the experiential nature of packaging, which not only makes people feel pleasing, but also conveys interactive information to the public through packaging ideas, conveying brand connotation and value.


In the face of the same category of products, the public is more willing to choose a product brand with a personality, experience, connotation and brand advocacy. It can be seen that the experiential and conveying power of packaging is an important part of the brand power of its products.


3. Spread

As part of the product brand, product packaging, in addition to the basic experience function, also bears the responsibility of brand communication. The product information and brand information are transmitted through the design, text, color and other designs on the packaging to help the public to choose and use.


And a lot of packaging also bears the role of secondary transmission, beautiful packaging is saved or continues to be used, and continues to spread the brand image. Just like when we were young, we collected beautiful candy wrappers; or kept the glass bottles of coffee or drinks to drink water and so on.


In addition to this, the most original application function of returning to packaging is to hold the product, facilitate transportation and transfer, ensure the integrity of the product, as well as the weight, shelf life, temperature, consumption, processing, stacking and other functions of the product. Convenience and integrity.


Take a familiar chestnut, everybody may spit the potato chips, and feel that the inside of the package is a black heart of the manufacturer, so that the package is full of good looks; in fact, it is to ensure the integrity of the product in the logistics, that is, why did you have the boxed potato chips later? The box can better preserve the integrity of the potato chips and save space; however, the price of the box packaging is relatively high, so there are still inflated bagged potato chips packaging to continue to use.


Therefore, if you are only at home, it is more cost-effective to buy bagged potato chips because it saves the cost of the box; if it is travel, it is more convenient to buy boxed potato chips because it saves space and is easy to carry. This is the functionality of the package, which will be designed according to the user's scene changes.


[2] What is the good product packaging?


So what is the good product packaging? To sum up a sentence, good product design is to follow the positioning and value advocacy of its own brand. Through creative and experiential creative design, it conveys brand connotation and spreads brand information to the brand public, while paying attention to its functionality and convenience. Product integrity, easy to transport, display, use, etc., give the brand a good brand association and awareness.


If you want to judge a package design, you can use these five dimensions as the analysis standard.


If the brand is not only a simple one or several products, but a variety of product lines, then in addition to thinking about the individual characteristics of each product, the product packaging design also considers the overall unity and systemicity of the product brand. That is, the systematic specification of product packaging design and the consideration of specificity.


Generally speaking, it is to look at a product package separately, knowing that this is the product of your brand, because the brand elements on the packaging follow the uniform specifications of the brand; each series of packaging and together, you can clearly distinguish each series of products. Because the brand elements on the packaging are separated by a series of different design techniques.



The analogy is that if you look at a child in your family alone, you know that this is your child, because that single eyelid and thick lips are too similar to your parents. Your family's genes are really powerful. (The systematic norm of the brand is one of the brand genes. Phenomenon); your whole family can clearly distinguish which parent is the parent, which is the boss, the second child, the third child, because their age, height, hairstyle, gender, personality are different (equivalent to the exclusive area of the package) Separate).


[three] how to design product packaging?


When you see this, everyone will ask, how is the good product packaging designed?


This is not just a question that can only be said to be unspeakable. What you can say about the above words is one thing. How to design ideas that are both recognizable, experiential, communicative, functional and associative is another. One thing.


The exclusive elements of packaging design, recognition, experience, communication, associative, systematic norms, etc. can be achieved through creative methods such as color, graphics, lines, text, pictures, layout, etc. in the design process.


Shakespeare said that "a thousand viewers have a thousand Hamlet" and the brand design is the same. So, is there a thousand words of creativity for a thousand designers, and 10,000 brands have a 10,000 kinds of preferences?


But returning to the brand itself, brand-oriented packaging design should follow the essence of the brand. As stated at the beginning of this article, “What kind of packaging image does a product brand show to the public after doing a rigorous market research, brand positioning, and product development?” Packaging design is clear after brand positioning and clear After the market research began, this is a scientific and systematic workflow, which is also a very important project, directly determining the direction and style of packaging design. For example, from the weak water three thousand, take out the best one for your product brand.


After these two advertisements, I don't know which one is unified. Which one is Kang Shifu, only remembers the category of the old altar pickles. Is this imitation good or bad?

There are a lot of packaging designs that often ignore the previous research, do not think clearly about the design, or what the business leaders like to design, or imitate the design of other brands, and even think that the higher the end of the brand design, the more successful.


Some people imitate my face, others imitate my face

It is difficult to make a brand personality in order to imitate other people's brands. It is even harder to make the brand bigger and stronger. Dedicated to Joe's helper, admiring Apple's minimalist style, he designed his own product packaging into an Apple style. As a result, the products were on the shelves of the market, and it was not a small number of semi-finished products.


Imitation is a way of learning, and there is no point, but if you don't grasp the essence, it is likely to become a cottage. Perhaps the essence of the Apple brand's minimalist brand is not only on the packaging, maybe Apple's minimalist style is simply not suitable for your home products, and perhaps your customers do not like this style.


Finally, the packaging design of the product is a systematic project. The clear market research and clear brand are the essential links. The direction and style of the packaging design must match the brand positioning and represent the complete brand image. "One thousand viewers have a thousand Hamlet", but only one Shakespeare; even if "a thousand designers have a thousand words of creativity, 10,000 brands will have 10,000 kinds of preferences", but you The brand has only one brand positioning, only one brand image has to be expressed; the design has never changed from the brand.



Brand is a business belief, brand is an influence, let us operate the brand with awe, share the common