Benefits Of Packaging Vegetables In Aluminum Foil Bags

- Nov 19, 2018-

 The advantage of packaging aluminum foil bags is that vegetables are kept fresh by breathing. The so-called respiration is to absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide gas. Therefore, packaging vegetables with vacuum bags is not enough. Bags for packaging vegetables must be breathable.

Therefore, it is rare to pack vegetables in vacuum bags on the market.

Aluminum foil packaging bags have both light-shielding and fresh-keeping functions. Therefore, packaging vegetables in aluminum foil bags is better than using ordinary packaging bags or color packaging bags, but the cost of aluminum foil bags is high, because most of the aluminum foil bags are made of composite materials. Made of aluminum foil. If you store your vegetables at home, do not use aluminum foil bags to store vegetables, so that the preservation of vegetables is good, and the shelf life of vegetables can be extended.