Bag Ordering Process

- Nov 04, 2019-

Manufacturers capable of producing packaging bags can be described as numerous, almost every province and city in the country. But the important point is that manufacturers in different regions, manufacturers in different industries, and even manufacturers of different operators, produce different packaging bags. So which packaging bag manufacturer and packaging bag ordering process should be selected?


Today, professional flexible packaging manufacturer Bite Packaging will answer your questions.

First, choose the packaging bag manufacturer

    As a veteran economically strong province, Guangdong has a well-established industrial chain layout, which enables the packaging bags to obtain the maximum price, and has formed a one-stop industrial model in raw materials, design, production and transportation. When the bags are mass-produced, this advantage naturally allows the cost of the bags to drop and fall. In addition, there are many talents in Guangdong, which makes the packaging bags have greater advantages in research and development.

    Dongguan Bite Packing Products Co., Ltd. has been in the packaging industry for 19 years and has facilities, equipment and production service teams specializing in the production of various types of bags. Through years of accumulated market experience and industry acumen, Bite Packaging has always been "mutual cooperation, mutual benefit and common development" as its purpose, constantly fine, fine, strong, and successfully for many clothing, food, chemical The demand for packaging upgrades for enterprises such as home gifts and electronics has fundamentally solved the problems of packaging printing, cost, efficiency, safety and environmental protection of these enterprises. It has strong practicability, good texture and beautiful printing. It has become the label of Bite.

Reasonable quotation: Bite packaging can give customers the most comprehensive and reasonable quotation according to different materials and different processes.

Exquisite printing: Bite packaging adheres to the fine style. There are a large number of professional masters who have been engaged in color printing for more than 20 years, and professional quality inspectors check the quality of the printed surface, so that every detail of the packaging bag is perfect.

High efficiency: Bite packaging is good at coordinating the supply chain, and has a complete process from order access to finished product shipment, realizing the efficient state from raw material supply to finished product delivery, saving customers a lot of time cost.

Service in place: Bite Packaging is good at capturing the needs of customers. With the principle of maximizing the customer's peace of mind, we can maximize the cost savings in the selection of materials. We control each production process only to increase the product satisfaction from 99%. 100%.

Second, the packaging bag customization process

1. Packaging bag planning documents

Some companies have designers or cooperate with other design companies. In this case, the company can hand over the design drawings to the packaging manufacturer, and the packaging manufacturer will carry out color printing and layout planning.

However, some enterprises do not have designers. In this case, enterprises need to communicate with the packaging manufacturer and provide information to the packaging manufacturer for design.

The information that needs to be provided varies from industry to industry, but it is similar. Mainly contains necessary printing information: product name, logo, trademark, main ingredients (can be named by formula, food formula), product registration barcode, net content, producer information (including the manufacturer's full name, license number and address), QS logo or The certificate number (the implementation of the CS logo in 2017), the product standard number, the storage method, and the application method. If there is an allergen or unsuitable use, it is necessary to mark the matter, and the size of the bag, the bag to be used. Bag type and raw materials, the direction of the package film roll, the common theme color, the corporate culture overview, the commonly used background image and the theme that you want to embody.

The above information must be carefully checked and there must be no typos. Then the design is carried out by the manufacturer of the packaging bag, and the designed drawings are submitted to the customer for confirmation. The customer needs to carefully check the above information again.

2, the package printed copper plate

The packaging manufacturer will make the printing and layout and the printing version according to the design drawings, raw materials and process requirements, which takes about 5-6 working days.

3, printing and compounding

The printing speeds of different devices are different, and the printing effect is also different, among which the high-speed machine has the highest printing power. After the printing is completed, other processes such as aluminum washing, hot stamping, and exterior coating are performed. Then there is the combination of the heat seal layer and other functional film layers, which need to be dried and cured after the completion of the composite. After the compound is completed, the composite condition is detected, and the defective place is marked, and then the slitting and rewinding is performed.

4, making bags

The slitted and wound film is placed on a corresponding bag making machine to make a bag. For example, a zipper bag making machine can manufacture a zippered stand-up pouch, an octagonal pouch, and the like.

5, quality inspection

When Bent Packaging conducts a quality inspection on the packaging bag, it will remove all the divergent products, and the products will be shipped from the factory. Only qualified products will be packaged.

6, delivery inspection

Usually, logistics will be used for delivery, but when it is more urgent, the express method will also be used. Send the beautifully printed bags to the customer for inspection.

Dongguan Bite Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. is a large-scale company specializing in the production of food-grade composite packaging. It is a professional composite packaging bag manufacturer that uses new equipment to produce packaging bags and film rolls to provide comprehensive, environmentally friendly and safe packaging services for the market.

The company produces composite bags, film, fruit bags, aluminum foil bags, nozzle bags, stand-up bags, zipper bags, anti-static bags, shaped bags, etc., suitable for food, daily chemicals, electronics, toys, medicine, cosmetics, industrial products, etc. Internal and external packaging for various industries.

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