Bag Design Of Aluminum Foil Bag

- Jul 26, 2019-

Aluminum foil bags are a common type of composite flexible packaging bags. The price is a bit more expensive than other packaging bags. After all, there is a layer of aluminum foil. Common aluminum foils are divided into electronic aluminum foil packaging bags, food aluminum foil packaging bags, etc. according to different industries and uses, as well as zipper aluminum foil bags and self-supporting aluminum foil bags. At the time of design, there should be different design skills for different pockets in different industries.


Generally, when designing a new aluminum foil bag packaging shape, it is usually necessary to consider all aspects. The corresponding structural design should be carried out according to the product's own nature and the company's packaging requirements, mainly whether it is convenient for transportation and storage, whether it is convenient for display and sales, and whether it is convenient. Consider using several major angles.

First, considering whether it is convenient for transportation and storage, the aluminum foil bag is used as a soft plastic package, and the convenience of transportation and storage is one of the differences from the traditional packaging. In the design of the aluminum foil bag, the structure of the product should be firm, ensuring the safety of the goods in the stacking, loading and unloading and transportation.

Secondly, for packaged goods, the most important point in marketing is the product display. After the packaging structure design, the aluminum foil bag can better highlight the characteristics of the product, make it easier for consumers to identify the goods, accurately select the goods they need, and even It can attract consumers through transparent packaging design.

Third, aluminum foil bag manufacturers should also consider whether the production of aluminum foil bag products is convenient for consumers. For example, by adding a zipper design, it is convenient for consumers to repeatedly use aluminum foil bags; by increasing the nozzle design, the same can be Allow consumers to easily access the inner packaging without damaging the foil pouch.

In addition to the above points, aluminum foil bags should also take into account the appearance quality and design, and strive to be aesthetically pleasing, novel and diverse.

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