Application Of Frozen Vacuum Packaging Bags

- Oct 11, 2019-

Freezer vacuum bags are widely used, such as: walnuts, beef, lamb, dumplings, dumplings, etc. These are also everywhere in the supermarket. In the paste, more and more frozen foods are selected in vacuum packaging bags, the main purpose is to preserve quality and keep fresh.


First, the frozen vacuum packaging bag, which has relatively good characteristics of impact resistance function, the frozen food needs to be transported, loaded and unloaded, placed on the shelf after vacuum packaging, etc., in these processes, the frozen food vacuum bag is easily damaged by external force, if The poor impact resistance of the frozen food vacuum packaging bag is easy to cause the bag to break and open the bag, which not only affects the appearance of the packaged product, but also does not play the role of the package itself.

Second, the smoothness is good, the vacuum packaging bag itself is not smooth, the performance in the production process is poor, the production efficiency is low, and the use rate of the vacuum packaging bag is also reduced, which causes extra cost.

Third, it is a vacuum bag with good heat sealing strength. The heat sealing strength of the vacuum bag is not enough, and the heat sealing temperature is too high, which causes the damage of the heat sealing layer, which causes the protection function of the vacuum bag to be reduced, and the shelf life of the contents is greatly shortened. So that the content does not reach the corresponding shelf life.

Fourth, the interlayer peeling strength is high, the breaking force is good, the mechanical properties of the vacuum bag are poor, resulting in stratification of the vacuum bag, the vacuum bag can not achieve the proper bearing effect, and can not effectively protect the contents.

5. Good cold resistance, if the vacuum packaging bag does not meet the requirements, in the case of low temperature, the original function of the material cannot be maintained, the packaging material is brittle, the mechanical strength of the packaging material is reduced, and the vacuum packaging bag is broken. And cracking, but not enough to protect the content of the protection.

6. Easy to tear, if the tearing effect of the vacuum packaging bag can not be effectively applied, the tearing strength is too large, so that the vacuum packaging bag is not easy to open, and the tearing strength is too small, so that the mechanical function of the vacuum packaging bag is reduced, so it is necessary to satisfy the vacuum packaging. The bag is easy to tear the humanized design, but also to protect the product.

Seven, high puncture resistance, because frozen food is generally hard after freezing, especially fish, meat products, containing bones and hard objects, the product is easily squeezed in the transportation and stacking, so that the vacuum packaging bag is worn, so that the vacuum packaging bag Sealing damage, so frozen foods require high penetration of vacuum bags