Aluminum Removal Of Aluminum Alloy Composite Film

- Feb 27, 2019-

Packaging film is a form of packaging that buyers are very fond of now. Compared to ordinary bags, it reduces the number of cutting and bag making procedures and reduces costs. Among them, there are two kinds of dealumination phenomenon in the aluminum-plated composite film package: the black spots on the aluminized surface appear, and the aluminized layer disappears.

1. Black spots appear on the aluminized surface

This is because the vacuum aluminum plating layer is very thin and is easily wetted and oxidized, so that black spots on the aluminized surface of the film appear.

2. Aluminized layer disappears

In particular, the packaging of PET aluminized film/PE film, and the tuyere edge of PET aluminized film/PE film composite bag. This is because the moisture disappears or the middle is eroded by the solvent of the adhesive, and the disappearance of aluminum occurs, which is actually a phenomenon of dealumination. The aluminized layer of the aluminized film is wetted or eroded by the solvent of the adhesive, and the composite film is also opened. When the internal stress of the inflated PE film shrinks and rebounds, the aluminum is transferred to the inner film, and the aluminum is lost. The support of the film mirror plane is also gone like disappearing. If you look closely, a small amount of metal aluminum is actually concentrated on the inner film.



1. The edge of the aluminized composite packaging bag must be pressed well. Note that the aluminized surface should not be bonded to the PE film. The aluminized surface should be compounded with the mask, and then the aluminized film surface and the inner PE film should be composited.

2. Note that the composite packaging bag of aluminized film is not suitable as a boiled and cooked bag.

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