Aluminum Foil Packaging Design

- Apr 27, 2019-

 The aluminum foil packaging bag is a layer of aluminum foil on the plastic packaging bag, which can further improve the toughness and oxygen isolation of the packaging bag. Printed aluminum foil bags can be established in the packaging industry. In addition to their excellent characteristics, they have good printability and can complete exquisite printing design, and provide assistance for corporate product promotion and sales.


However, in the actual production of aluminum foil bags, the printing design work is not just a matter of simply printing patterns, characters, etc. through the printing machine to print aluminum foil bags. Regardless of the various preparations and precautions during printing, the design work before printing is not simple, and the packaging design, structural design, and decoration design are organically unified.

What we have to make clear is that the driving force behind the design of aluminum foil bags is that such printing design work is to create higher value for packaging products and even enhance the brand value of enterprises. For the aluminum foil bag itself, the design work is actually divided into two aspects of shape and appearance graphics. That is to say, while considering the packaging products, the design work of the aluminum foil bag has begun, and it is considered according to various factors such as the type of the product. The bag type and material selection structure of the aluminum foil bag. For example, the shaped bag is one of the most popular bag types, but it also needs to take into account the structural limitations of the bag and the consumer's habits.


As for the appearance of graphic printing design for the production of aluminum foil bags, unlike the graphic design, the graphic design of the packaging pays more attention to the three-dimensional pattern composition. In other words, each side of the printed aluminum foil bag can be independent, but when packaging After the product is finished, it should be a harmonious and unified whole from all angles. The specific graphic design should also be based on the contents of the package, so that consumers can clearly understand the product, but also stimulate consumers' desire to purchase.

In addition, in addition to the design work for the production of aluminum foil bags, the ink, coloring, solvent residue problems, etc. in the process of printing aluminum foil bags also require special attention.

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