Advantages Of Octagonal Packaging Bags

- Apr 03, 2019-

After many years of packaging industry, I will introduce a relatively good bag today. It is an octagonal sealing bag. Why is it called the octagonal seal? Because it expands like a cuboid, the left and right organes have four edges, and the bottom has four edges. Since the bottom unfolding is flat, it is also called a flat bottom bag.

This product has the following core benefits:

Flat Bottom Coffee Bag (1)

1, the octagonal sealing bag is beautiful and generous, the shelf display effect is perfect, and other processes such as zipper can be attached.

2, the appearance is unique, attracting consumers' attention and contributing to brand building.

3, flat bottom octagonal sealing bag has a large capacity.

4, according to the combination of different materials, thickness, moisture and oxygen barrier, metal effect and even printing effect, can make bags with different performance characteristics, to meet the needs of various food properties, extend the shelf life of food.

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