Advantages Of Kraft Packaging

- Mar 18, 2019-

In this age of commercial development, there are more and more types of packaging bags. There are many kinds of materials from materials, such as aluminum foil, kraft paper, nylon, opp, cpp, etc. How to choose the suitable packaging bag for your own products. How to use the packaging bag more hygienic and so on has become a concern of everyone, here Xiaobian and everyone to see what the benefits of kraft paper for food packaging?

As a food packaging, there are many packaging bags for everyone to choose from, but no matter which one you choose, you must use it in the specifications of the product manual. If you choose plastic bags, you must pay attention to it. It can not be used at high temperature. There will be harmful substances that will break down to affect health. Food packaging should follow the principle of convenience and lightness. The tensile properties of kraft paper make it very suitable for food packaging requirements. Packaging materials require good tensile strength to prevent consumers from pulling out the bag. Beverage packaging requires materials with a certain degree of moisture and deformation resistance to prevent water damage and damage. Frozen food packaging, mainly made of high-strength materials, is also considered as a package. This material must be able to withstand the thermal expansion and contraction of low-temperature melting ice, preventing deformation, deformation, wrinkles and excessive moisture from loading food.


Pure natural brown kraft paper will give people a healthy and nostalgic impression; kraft paper packaging is moisture-proof, durable, and resistant to moisture deformation, which can better protect food. It is the most food packaging bag for paper packaging; kraft paper can be printed in various colors. , flexo, gravure or offset printing, a variety of printing can produce beautiful advertising printing, food manufacturers love to use kraft paper for food packaging.

In fact, kraft paper bags are not only used in food bags, but can even be used in shower gel shampoos. For example, the company has made a foreign self-supporting kraft paper bag for shampoo, shower gel, etc. Supplies, and their products are more famous, the price is more expensive. Then why is such a famous shower gel to use kraft paper, the price of kraft paper itself is more expensive. I later asked to know that it is to highlight its two aspects of luxury and nature. Therefore, kraft paper is a good choice for a bag.


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