Advantages Of Aluminum Foil Bags As Tea Bags

- Apr 01, 2019-

Since the rise of food safety issues, more and more people are paying attention to their physical health, and various methods of health care have been turned over. Among them, many people admire tea. It is a great place to drink tea in Chinese history. It is the favorite of emperors, monks, nobles, and scholars. Moreover, drinking more tea and drinking good tea can also help to clear blood fat, lower blood pressure, help fat to eliminate, soften blood vessels and so on. After these benefits were learned, many people joined the team drinking tea.


However, if you want to drink authentic tea, you need to buy tea from the outside. The original tea leaves are mostly paper bags, and tea bricks are also. However, if it is wrapped in paper, it will cause a lot of inconvenience in the reservation. At least after opening, it is not conducive to retention, and it is more disadvantageous for long-distance transportation. In order to solve this problem, many places where tea is produced are made of aluminum foil bags for tea.

The tea will undergo some chemical reaction under the action of light. Because there are many organic substances in the tea, it will decompose once it hits the light, which will not only affect the taste of the tea, but also affect its taste. Therefore, the tea is sealed. Shading is reserved.

The foil bag is often used as a tea bag. Because of its good sealing and oxidation resistance, it is difficult to protect the aroma of the tea, so that the tea is not easily oxidized. It has good anti-moisture, anti-mildew, anti-counterfeiting, etc., to extend the retention period of items.

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