A Bag That Helps With Coffee Storage

- Aug 23, 2019-

Based on the idea that oxidation is caused by contact with air, it is generally believed that the method of preserving fresh food is to use a vacuum packaging method to maintain the original style more durable. A few days ago, the city market has also introduced a newer style of packaging - fresh bags.

If it is just a kind of coffee inside, the vacuum bag can prevent it from oxidizing due to contact with air, but it can not discharge the carbon dioxide generated by the coffee beans in the sealed bag; the fresh packaging will be covered with a layer of "◎" The function of the skin is to prevent external oxygen from intruding into the bag and to discharge the carbon dioxide produced by the coffee beans out of the bag.


Others think that coffee is better in a sealed can, not in a bag. Tin cans allow coffee to last for a long time, and plastic bags can be used, but they are stored in a smaller amount than tin cans or plastic bags.

Splendid special coffee cans, sealed pots... As long as it can completely separate air and moisture, it is an ideal retention tool for coffee beans.

If you use a coffee bag packed in oil or tin foil, once you open it, put the coffee or coffee powder in a sealed can, so that the coffee powder will not be mildewed quickly.

The instant coffee bag is a product derived from roasted and ground coffee. Its aluminum foil material is used to help the coffee maintain its original aroma.

Regardless of how good the packaging surface is, pay attention to sealing the container filled with fresh coffee beans (you need to use them within one week to ten days after opening), and keep them in the sun and temperature. In a cool place, pay attention to the shelf life, so that there is no problem at all.

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