The use of aluminum foil bags

- Oct 17, 2018-

Aluminum foil bags can be seen from the name, aluminum foil bags are not plastic bags, or even better than the general plastic bags. What kind of bag should you choose when you want to refrigerate or pack your food now and keep the food fresh for as long as possible?

Do not have to choose which kind of packing bag and headache, aluminum foil bag is the best choice.

Common aluminum foil bag, its surface will generally have anti-gloss characteristics, that is, it does not absorb light, and take multi-layer production, therefore, aluminum foil has good shading properties, but also has a strong isolation, and because of the aluminum components in the inside, so also has a good resistance to oil and softness. With the continuous disclosure of counterfeit business, especially the problem of the safety of plastic bags, people's primary concern is not the function of the bag, but its safety. However, consumers can rest assured that the foil bag is free of poison and has no special odor.

It is definitely a green product, environmental protection products, but also in line with the national health standards of aluminum foil bags.