Portable Zippered Fruit Bag

Name:Portable zippered fruit bag
Specification: W150xH200MMx0.12MM
Usage:For fruit packaging

Product Details

Brand Name:




Custom Order:


Sealing & Handle:

Heat seal

Surface Handling:

Gravure printing

Delivery Time:

18-25 working days after design confirmed


By T/T 

Deposit:30% of the bag +100% mold and cylinder charge  

Balance:70% before delivery

Product Description:

There are many types of packaging bags, such as electronic packaging bags, aluminum foil packaging bags, and anti-static shielding bags. Among them, food packaging bags are the most common ones. What are the advantages of being a packaging bag for food?

First, security

From ensuring hygiene to prolonging food nutrition and fresh shelf life, the basic requirement of food is sanitation. As its “coating” – packaging, it must also meet this requirement and meet safety standards. The function of food packaging From the selection of materials, the previous demand is more to ensure the taste and hygiene of the product, and it will not deteriorate due to the external environment during transportation and sales. Today, whether packaging materials can reduce the loss of nutrients in food, extend shelf life, eliminate potential pollution and hazards has become more of a consideration. Under this development trend, the choice of materials for food packaging design has gradually become more functional, such as insurance, antibacterial, etc., especially for the packaging of fruit and vegetable products, the requirements for preservation are even more stringent.


Second, convenience

In the fast-paced economic rhythm, people's pace of life is constantly accelerating. Busy work and frequent business trips require food packaging to be easy to carry, easy to use, and able to meet the physical supplements needed for constant energy consumption. Looking at the food market, there are plenty of convenient foods such as quick-frozen, fast food, and microwave food. These endless variety of foods, no need for additional containers, no need for additional opening tools, no need to bring their own edible tools, packaging size is more suitable for carrying, etc., so that our choice is wider, life is more convenient, Of course, the so-called "save women out of the kitchen" is at a higher level.

Third, environmental protection

As the cost of blindly developing the economy, the contradiction between human living environment and social development is becoming more and more serious. The environmental protection issue has become a major global issue. Fortunately, people gradually realize the importance of this issue and thus in all aspects of life. Pursuing environmental protection, food packaging design is no exception.

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